Lone worker safety is of paramount importance. Safety Scan has the products for you when it comes to aiding with toxic gas detection for these individuals. Through the G7, Laser Mini, and other portable gas detectors, we provide smart, innovative solutions for a variety of industry applications — from monitoring remote locations to detecting large-scale gas leaks. In the oil and gas industries especially, it’s important to protect employees and bystanders at all times. Learn about the importance of lone worker safety by reading our blog and contact Safety Scan USA to request a free demonstration.

  1. Why H2S Should Be Feared

    H2S is nothing to trifle with. Commonly known as sweet gas or H2S, hydrogen sulfide is actually one of the most unsweet and deadly naturally occurring organic compounds known to man. This toxic gas is found commonly in the natural gas and oil sectors, which is why it is becoming increasingly importa…Read More

  2. Improve Lone Worker Safety With The G7

    We’ve talked a lot about how the G7 delivers when it comes to lone worker safety. But how is it different than any of the other products out there on the market? Well, the answer to that is simple: the G7 is able to deliver consistently when it comes to lone worker safety and toxic gas detection. …Read More

  3. Why Personal Safety Is Important Among Lone Workers

    Lone workers are often exposed to some of the harshest, most dangerous, and hostile environments. Whether you’re an engineer on a solo mining expedition, or a worker performing maintenance at an oil refinery, or you’re simply inspecting the gas pipelines at your facility, being on your own in a …Read More

  4. Everything You Need To Know About Hydrogen Sulfide

    Hydrogen sulfide, or H2S, is a dangerous (and potentially lethal) toxic gas which is invisible to the naked eye. It’s colorless, flammable, poisonous, and even corrosive — and the unfortunate truth is that it is readily prevalent in many industrial spaces. While there is often a discernible sulf…Read More

  5. Lone Worker Safety: How The G7 Delivers

    When it comes to toxic gas detection, your company and its lone workers deserve a device which provides for maximum safety and efficiency at all times. No device is better than the G7 portable gas detection meters when it comes to toxic gas detection, lone worker safety, and smart solutions to a wor…Read More

  6. Why Your Work Site Needs Live Safety Monitoring

    In our world, the need for lone worker monitoring and efficient emergency procedures can not be overstated. Whether in the mining sector, engineering operations, oil and gas, or manufacturing, these industries require lone workers to operate, perform maintenance, and reside in remote, and oftentimes…Read More

  7. How To Protect Lone Workers From Potential Hazards

    You simply can’t overstate the importance of lone worker safety. When working in remote, potentially hazardous environments, these dedicated employees need to be protected at all times from the dangers around them. That protection can also help the company deliver on its reputation as a trustworth…Read More