The portable wireless gas detectors offered by Safety Scan are here to revolutionize the gas detection industry for engineers, oil field workers, and indeed all industries. Our devices are designed to detect toxic gases in a variety of environments, with live support teams and emergency response protocols in place in the event of a leak, fall, or no-motion event. There’s no need to use prehistoric gas detection models anymore. Stay up to date with our blog to learn more about the future of wireless gas detectors, and contact Safety Scan to make your facility or business safer.

  1. Innovation Through Gas Leak Detection: Our Products

    When it comes to gas leak detection, every second counts. Lone workers, supervisors, surveyors, engineers, and company managers alike know that there is no time to waste when working in areas with potentially hazardous gases or other volatile organic compounds. When working in the oil and gas sector…Read More

  2. Increased Protection In Hostile Environments

    In some industries, a hostile environment is clearly defined by an uncomfortable or impractical situation brought about by rude or aggressive coworkers, managers, or clients. But in other industries, hostile environments are much more dangerous — and potentially deadly. In the world of oil, gas, s…Read More

  3. G7: Durable, Reliable, and Unbeatable

    At Safety Scan, our team is committed to providing customized, durable, and reliable gas detection solutions for the modern age and beyond. That’s why we partnered with Blackline Safety to become an authorized distributor of the G7 wireless portable gas detector, which is sure to outlast and outpe…Read More

  4. Methane Gas Leak Detectors: A Comparison

    When it comes to your wireless gas detectors, you deserve a unit that is portable, lightweight, and as efficient as can be. There’s no time to waste when it comes to gas leak detection, as significant start-up times or response times could put you, your workers, or other people in serious jeopardy…Read More