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Safety Scan aims to provide smart solutions for companies within the oil and gas, mining, and any other sector which works in potentially hazardous locations in the presence of dangerous, volatile organic compounds and gases.

If your company is looking


& future-proof safety operations without exceeding the expenditure limit, then leasing the G7 portable wireless gas detectors could be advantageous for many reasons.

With no up-front fees, our G7 leasing plan not only allows you to record as an operations expense without impacting your capital expenditure budget, but it will also allow you to future-proof your lone worker monitoring and smart gas leak detection capabilities.

That’s because the G7 wireless gas detectors are the future, allowing your company to limit risk and save lives with real-time alerts and trigger warnings to detect a downed worker or gas leak incident in a matter of seconds.

Safety Scan USA is the leading distribution partner of a variety of smart gas leak detection solutions, and we are changing the game by providing an affordable leasing option for all G7 devices.

G7 gas detectors are the only devices in the world to deliver as a portable, two-way communication device which also allows for text messaging, customizable real-time alerts, gas detection, evacuation management, and more.


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G7 Leasing Options


The G7c is a cellular-connected safety monitoring device with gas detection capabilities, custom alert options, automatic alert triggers, and even real-time support personnel — all with no up-front fees.

Now, Safety Scan allows companies to achieve maximum protection and gas-leak detection with a simple, affordable monthly fee. By leasing the G7c standard, you get:

    • Best-in-class wireless safety monitoring
    • No up-front fees
    • New G7c equipment with service renewal (after 36 mo.)
    • Three-year warranty coverage
    • Allocated budget for product and cartridge replacement
    • Consulting and employee training
    • Access to in-house 24/7 live safety operations monitoring

The G7c leasing program also comes with a choice of multiple plans and cartridge options. Your company can choose to handle safety monitoring through the live portal dashboard in-house, or for an additional monthly fee your team can get access to the 24/7 safety operations center which monitors, reports, and tracks all devices in real time.

Cartridge options include:
The G7c is capable of serving as a standard lone worker monitoring device or as a gas detection system with quad-gas capabilities. Choose from:

  • G7c Standard: Lone worker monitoring only (no gas detection).
  • G7c Single Gas: Includes one gas sensor for H2S, LEL gases, carbon monoxide, and other volatile organic compounds.
  • G7c Quad Gas: Capable of detecting up to four toxic gases at a time, including H2s, carbon monoxide, and more.

Contact Safety Scan today to inquire about pricing for the G7c leasing program and request a free demonstration..


Take your facilities safety standards into the future with the G7x, the world’s first and best satellite-connected safety monitoring device with gas detection capabilities.

No up-front fees allows your company to lease these portable wireless gas detectors without impacting the expenditure budget.

Safety Scan now offers a leasing program for this innovative worker safety technology. The G7x leasing options gets your company access to:

  • Top-notch safety monitoring/gas detection equipment
  • Access to in-house safety monitoring teams
  • Full three-year warranty available
  • Replacement budget for lost/damaged devices
  • Consulting and employee training included

Like the G7c, the G7x leasing option comes with a choice of a self-monitored plan or a Blackline-monitored plan. Additionally, the G7x device capabilities include:

  • Lone worker monitoring only
  • G7x single-gas (choose one sensor to detect H2s, LEL, O2, CO, or NH3)
  • G7x quad-gas (four sensors to detect any four gases from above)

Service Plan Options

Choose from a self-monitored or Blackline-monitored service plan to provide maximum safety to your facility. Service features include:

  • Device communication
  • Live portal access for real-time alert management
  • Real-time compliance dashboard
  • Device usage and alert reporting
  • Custom emergency response management profiles
  • Two-way calling (with voice only)
  • Worry-free safety monitoring and concierge service (Blackline-monitored plans only)

Get advanced lone worker protection and gas leak detection solutions that your industry deserves. Ask about Safety Scan’s G7 leasing program and request a free demonstration at your facility today.


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