In some industries, a hostile environment is clearly defined by an uncomfortable or impractical situation brought about by rude or aggressive coworkers, managers, or clients.

increased protection

But in other industries, hostile environments are much more dangerous — and potentially deadly.

In the world of oil, gas, sewage, manufacturing, mining, and engineering, for example, a hostile environment could indicate an area which features toxic gases.

Hostile environments under this description could do more than just create an uncomfortable situation; they could kill you.

The importance of advanced protection for lone workers in hostile environments is on the rise these days. That’s because the amount of lone worker injuries and deaths continues to be unacceptable. However, with advancements in technology and futuristic solutions, Safety Scan has the ability to provide the best lone worker safety devices for a variety of hostile industrial applications.

Keep reading to learn more about the key benefits of the G7, the world’s most advanced lone worker monitor and wireless gas detector, and how it can help provide unparalleled protection for lone workers.

Modular Portability

The G7 is the best wireless gas detector for a number of reasons, not the least of which is its ability to be carried or worn easily by lone workers in remote locations. That means hard to reach mines, shafts, underground pipelines, and more.

With standard and multiple gas cartridge options, cellular connectivity GPS tracking, and more, the G7 future-proofs your facility by providing advanced lone worker protection no matter what type of environment.

G7 Dock

Ah, the G7 dock. While other wireless gas detectors may take minutes to power up and calibrate and require manual updates of their systems, the G7 takes the nonsense out and streamlines the process entirely.

Life and death could literally be determined in a matter of seconds, particularly when it comes to toxic gases and hostile environments, which is why the G7 delivers the best instant gas calibration and bump testing in a fraction of the time of other devices.

There is no initial setup required, as the dock is configured and fully functional right out of the box. With the G7 Dock, your lone workers receive the capability to calibrate, bump test, and charge their wireless gas detectors for optimized capabilities at all times.

When switching between different gas sensors, for example, the G7 Dock makes it possible to calibrate the device in a matter of seconds. That provides a layer of safety and security that other devices simply can’t offer.

Cellular Connectivity

The G7 has the ability to transmit communication between lone workers and supervisors no matter what type of remote, hostile location they may find themselves in. That’s because the G7 uses 3G cellular networks, along with satellite connectivity as a back-up, to ensure constant communicability and contact — which is imperative in dangerous situations.

GPS Tracking

In the event of a gas leak, fall, or other no-motion event, the G7 has the capability to alert the proper emergency response personnel to the precise location of the incident.

This all takes place in a matter of seconds, with response teams being able to get on site within a matter of minutes. That’s because our wireless gas detectors come fully equipped with GPS capability and location beacons for precise tracking and monitoring of lone workers in hostile environments.

Live Safety Support

That’s not all. G7 wireless gas detectors are also connected with live safety monitoring personnel at all times, who have the ability to track lone workers, deploy emergency alerts, and provide the location of a leak or injury incident at all hours of the day.

In the event of a downed worker, the G7 can indicate within seconds that the user is unresponsive and signal a trigger to the support team based on your customized safety protocol. The support team then receives that alert and sends help to that location (using the GPS tracking device) while also enacting and supervising the proper evacuation protocols set in place by your facility.

This is lone worker safety and gas detection for the future. This is increased protection even in the most hostile of environments. This is the G7 wireless gas detector, and it’s available to you now through Safety scan.

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