John Kuebler, Entrepreneur

John’s professional career began at the age of 21 when he formed, grew, and successfully managed a Mechanical Joint Venture in the Vancouver, BC area for 12 years. During this time he gained valuable experience managing clientele, working hands-on in the field during the day and on the back-end at the office in the evening. The breadth and diversity of roles John took on during this time provided him with a well-rounded business background and prepared him for future business endeavors.

Subsequent to John’s time in the Vancouver area, he relocated to Arizona and became a U.S. Citizen in 2001 (now carrying dual citizenship in both Canada and the U.S.).

After 5 years in Arizona, John identified a lucrative business opportunity to work in the Canadian Oil Fields in Fort McMurray, AB. He was hired as the Operations Manager for a General Contractor and within 2 years helped grow the Company employee-base from 3 to 27. John’s due care and ability to gain trust from his clients have resulted in great success for start-up companies in the oil & gas region of Northern Canada.

In 2010, while still in Fort McMurray, John was approached by John Strasdas to become involved in a startup Company. John was challenged with a sales target by Mr. Strasdas and exceeded expectations by quadrupling the original target (quantum of several million dollars). John’s work as a partner in the venture helped him to become a leader in the Fort McMurray business community.

Eventually, John Strasdas and Elias Tobias asked John to become a Partner with them in the newly formed Safety Scan. John immediately saw the potential and agreed to become a Partner.