John Strasdas, Entrepreneur

John has been in business since 1994 as a venture capitalist raising millions of dollars for start-up companies. In addition, after 20 years of working as a project manager for other corporations in the plumbing industry, in 2008 John branched out and started his own plumbing business in the heart of the Oil Sands: Fort McMurray, AB.

In less than 3 years, John’s business acumen was evident as he experienced tremendous success turning his plumbing business into a multi-million dollar corporation.
During this time John’s entrepreneurial interest also drove him to invest in alternative and innovative businesses, such as renewable green fuel.

As John continued looking for additional business opportunities, Elias Tobias (an old friend) shared his own vision on a technological leading edge service that could be offered to the Oil & Gas Industry. Given their respective professional and trade backgrounds, and current geographical location in Northern Alberta, John foresaw the business potential of this vision.

After many evening and coffee meetings, Safety Scan was born. Shortly thereafter John (CFO of Safety Scan) introduced Elias to John Kuebler, a champion in sales and marketing.

With the above team formed, Safety Scan had formulated the main set of qualities and experiences necessary for the technical and business challenges that lie ahead: Science and Engineering (Elias Tobias), Sales and Marketing (John Kuebler) and Financial and General Management (John Strasdas).