Residential Methane Detector

Remote Monitoring and Auto Notification

The ultimate peace of mind, when you’re away.

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One of the most dangerous situations which can produce an explosion hazard in your home, is an empty house where all occupants are out and all doors and windows are closed. Meaning no one will be there to smell the gas leak or hear the alarm, even if RMDs are present. Nobody will be there to take action to notify first responders and your gas utility company.

You simply have a ticking bomb waiting for the inevitable: When the first home occupant returns home at night, the first thing most of us do is to automatically turn on the light even before noticing any smell. And that is all an explosive gas present in the air in enough concentration needs to detonate and in most cases level the house causing severe property damages not to mention death

Connected to the cloud.

The ideal protection and prevention solution is a smart IoT RMD (Residential Methane Detector) that is constantly connected to the cloud. From the first moment a methane leak is detected and in most cases, still far from the explosion levels, our RMD will notify the home occupants via a mobile app to your smart phone or smart watch so you will know not to return home until you know it is safe to do so.

methane gas detector

Automatically notifies your gas company.

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At the same time automatically notify your gas company of the leak providing them with your address. From that point on your Gas Utility Company will then take all the necessary immediate actions to mitigate the situation and they can also call first responders if they realize this is also a necessary precaution measure.