Handheld laser detector for fast and safe detection of methane leaks at a distance of up to 100 Feet


More Opportunities

With camera now. To shoot an inspection point with measured value and a communication device to automatically output its data to the cloud server. Also the Laser Methane Smart is designed for the reduction of methane emission to the environment.

Useful For​​

Gas Distribution System

Underground Gas Storage

Gas Distribution Station

Gas Processing Plant

Gas Storage

Gas Compression Station

Gas Distribution System
Gas Processing
Underground Gas Storage
Gas Storage
Gas Distribution Station​
Gas Distribution Station
Gas Compression Station

Laser Methane Smart Advantages

Convenient for regular inspections


No moving parts and no gas suction in principle require little maintenance. Self-check and automatic calibration on start-up — ensures accurate and reliable gas leak detection.

Persuasive Evidence

Laser co-axis digital camera records photos of inspection points. Storing data on a cloud server — secures measurement data and the photos via android or IOS devices.

Remote Detection

Searching range 30m keeps operators away from harm. Green guide laser light gives clear visibility of the searching point even under bright sunshine.

User Friendly

Point and shoot technology requires little or no training to use. The weight is only 500g including batteries.

Technical Information

Product LaserMetane

Product Detail

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How It Works??

The measurement principle of this equipment uses the characteristics of methane, which absorbs the laser beam (infrared rays) of a specific wavelength (infrared absorption technology). The laser beam directed at targets such as gas piping, the ground, overhead pipe, etc., will reflect back a diffused beam from the target. The device will receive the reflected beam and will measure the absorptivity of the beam, which will then be calculated into methane column density (ppm-m).

Inspection Management Service

Complete Flow

❶ Find Gas Leak


❷ Create Reliable Inspection Records


❸ Store Evidence on a Cloud Server

Certified for Explosion Protection In IECEx and ATEX


Detection gas Methane (CH4)
Detection range 1 ~ 50000 ppm×m
Detection accuracy ± 10 % (100 ~ 1000 ppm×m)
Detection response time 0.1 second
Detection distance 1.64 – 98 feet (0.5 — 30 m)
Laser safety:
Measurement light Class 1
Guide Light Class 3R
Dustproof, Waterproof IP54
Explosion safety Ⅱ 3 (1) G Ex ic [op-is Ga] Ⅱ A T4 Gc
Wireless Radio Law EU, China, Korea, Japan, U.S, Canada, Taiwan, Russia
Storage Data Micro SD Card
Transfer Data Send to Cloud Server via Android or IOS Devices
Operating temperature 1.4 to 122° F (-17 to +50 °C)
Overall dimensions (wxdxh) 2 × 8 × 2 in (55 × 200 × 53 mm)
Weight 1 lb (500 g), including 4 batteries
Power supply commercial batteries AA (4pcs)
Operation Time >3.5 hours @25
Bluetooth LM2B3E-SBA model only


Resource Links

NEW Laser Methane Smart
Product Brochure

Power Supply

Commercial Batteries (4 Pieces)


Honest answers to important questions

No, each device is designed to detect a specific gas. This provides a 100% probability of leak detection of methane and not any other gas.

Laser radiation is completely safe, it corresponds to class 1.

Yes, the instrument works in all weather conditions.

No. The detector contains a reference cell with methane inside and calibration is performed at each start-up and during operation.

It works remotely. There is no direct contact with the hazardous environment.

No, since this device modification does not provide for recording or transfer of inspection data. The quadcopter version also has an increased detection range.