As international gas supply operations become increasingly complex, it’s important to continuously monitor the miles and miles of pipelines for potential methane gas leaks.

With the large-scale nature of these gas supply pipelines, it becomes infeasible for companies to send their crew to monitor these pipelines by foot or on an individual basis. What’s more, many of these pipelines can be inaccessible by foot, or even vehicle, making it difficult to ensure maximum safety at all times.

That’s where the ALMA comes in. This aerial laser methane gas detector comes from the same family of products as the Laser Mini portable methane detector, so you know it has a knack for safe, efficient gas detection at a high level. Using a cutting-edge laser for methane gas detection, the ALMA easily attaches to a helicopter to provide aerial pipeline inspections.

With sophisticated software, rapid data monitoring, and a refraction-based laser system which utilizes a high-powered beam, reference channel, and three digital video cameras, the ALMA makes pipeline inspections possible no matter where you are.

Now, Safety Scan USA is proud to offer the the ALMA — which stands for Aerial Laser Methane Assessment — to companies operating within the United States. With an innovative approach to gas detection solutions, Safety Scan USA aims to provide solutions to better the world with smart, efficient gas leak protection.

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How ALMA Works

Using innovative technology, the ALMA methane gas detector is installed onto the belly of a helicopter, then piloted around by prequalified helicopter partners.

The laser system records data in real time, with an on-board laptop and software making it simple to analyze, process, and report the data. Results of the analysis come in the form of a hard copy DVD of the scan, along with pictures of each analyzed location with GPS locations of any potential risks or methane leaks.

Innovative Solutions

Safety Scan USA is committed to providing world-class gas detection solutions to oil and gas companies throughout the United States.

With our help, you can make your site — and therefore the entire industry as a whole — safe from hazardous gas leaks.

This is smart gas leak detection for the modern age and the future. Get started with a free demonstration of the ALMA aerial methane gas detector, Laser Mini portable gas detector, or other gas detection device at your facility.