In the oil and gas sector, you know how important it is to have reliable gas detection practices and protocols in place.

If you’re operating in a smaller, secluded area, perhaps you’ve considered the Laser Mini, the world’s most convenient and reliable portable methane detector.

But in cases where a lot of ground needs to be covered quickly, there is only one methane gas detector you can rely on. It’s called SELMA — Street Evaluating Laser Methane Assessment — and it is surely one of the most innovative, smart tools for detecting methane gas emissions from leaks or other sources.

The SELMA handily attaches to vehicles to identify and document methane gas leaks within the driving path of that vehicle. The SELMA is highly sensitive, provides fast detection even while driving, and allows you and your company to cover a lot of ground to ensure the worksite — and surrounding roads and areas — are running at optimal safety.

Hailing from the same family as the Laser Mini and the ALMA, the SELMA provides efficient, real-time methane gas detection in a variety of situations. Learn more and request a free demonstration at your facility from Safety Scan USA today.

About The SELMA

The dual-laser system of the SELMA allows for multiple paths to be simultaneously monitored — the bumper laser monitors the driving path while the roof laser scans the sidewalk.

This innovative smart methane gas detector allows for methane leak detection for the following areas:

  • Natural gas pipelines
  • Natural gas storage tanks
  • Compressor stations
  • Other potential sources of methane emissions

Through the use of these pulsed-beam lasers, you get full assurance that there will be no interference from other gases which could possibly be in the atmosphere, such as exhaust fumes from vehicles.

The SELMA is easily attached to any and every type of vehicle, thus allowing for maximum convenience, portability, and safety.

When methane is detected by the SELMA, the software immediately alerts the user through visual and audio alarms, followed by a full report about the leak.

User-friendly, safe, and reliable, the SELMA could be your answer to smart gas leak detection at your facility and the surrounding area.

There is no room for error when it comes to hazardous gas leaks, which is why it’s more important than ever to make sure your business is running as safely as possible.

Contact Safety Scan USA today to request a free demonstration of the SELMA or other gas leak detection methods at your facility.